Aire - deep soak tub

If space is limited in your bathroom, the Aire deep soak tub could fit where many larger baths can’t and because it’s smaller it’s comfortably cosy too.

aire-walk-in-bath tub-seat

Comfortable integrated seat, ensures a safe and comfortable bathing experience.


Low door threshold, for safe exit and safe entry when bathing.

walk in tub safety handle

Easy to use secure door locking device which ensures no leaks.


Secure door locking no leaks with a lifetime guarantee on the door seal.


BioCote® Antiviral Technology makes a product effective against viruses, such as the prevalent H1N1 influenza virus. Like all of BioCote’s Antimicrobial Additives, it is perfect for use in hygiene conscious environments such as hospitals, schools and care homes.

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aire walk in bath


If space is limited in your bathroom, the Aire deep soak tub has the answer

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